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On the use of Transformers & Infoboxes.

New front page and Transformer templates.
I've recently updated the wiki to use not only a new front page system, but also transformer templates to create infoboxes. The purpose of these transformes is to be able to use data from one type of infobox, and simply converting it by referring to that article with a paramater denoting the style you wish for the new infobox.
The new front page system has been put online, but please keep in mind that not all articles that are linked in the menu actually exist yet, as i will be filling these in over the course of the next week or two.
If you would like to help add content, please look to already existing articles in the same section for tips on formatting, and remember to use the transformers to create your infoboxes.
When using the Visual Editor, you can select the "Add other templates" option at the bottom-right of your screen, and find the corresponding template. (ItemTransformer if you wish to create an infobox detailing item information, QuestTransformer for quest information, and so on and so forth.)
If no pre-existing example exists yet or you are not sure if you should add a certain page, i would appreciate it if you contacted me first.

Xosmi · Talk · 22:34, March 26, 2016 (UTC)

Template example
This is the code for the page Healer's Kit

|style = {{{style|}}}
|name = [[Healer's Kit]]
|icon = icon_consumable_healersKit.png
|size = 42px
|type = [[Consumable]]
|value = 250
|weight = 0.5
|description = Stabilizes an ally, reviving them with 30-40 hit points.
|location = [[Healer's Kit#Acquisition|Various merchants]]
|weight = 0.5}}

As you can see, the template {{ItemTransformer}} is used to create the infobox located on this page.
All available transformer templates can be found on this page.
When Healer's Kit is displayed on its own page or included with the following code :

{{:Healer's Kit}}
It shows up as:

ItemHealer's Kit

Various merchants
Stabilizes an ally, reviving them with 30-40 hit points.

When the option style is left as {{{Style|}}}, the default option denoted in the transformer is used. For the ItemTransformer template, the default option is "ItemInfoBox".
If you are unsure what options are available to you, read the /doc file of the transformer you are trying to use.
Basic information for the style options are stored in seperate infobox templates located Here.
Now, if the same item is included as follows,

{{:Healer's Kit|style=iconmini}}
It shows up as:

Healer's KitHealer's KitConsumable Stabilizes an ally, reviving them with 30-40 hit points.

Finally, there are tempates which hold information to display the information in tables.
these are split in their header and row components and can be found Here.
To display the item in this manner include it as follows:

{{ItemTableHeader|{{:Healer's Kit|style=itemtable}}}}
And it shows up as:

Healer's Kit
Stabilizes an ally, reviving them with 30-40 hit points.
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