A Dog's Life

Jaenna and Guen.
The High Road
Jaenna, after resolving the issue.
Other NPCs:
Guen, Jessup, Tollin.
If you kill Guen :
50 XP.
If you save Guen:
50 XP &
10 Currency

A Dog's Life is a sidequest in the prologue of Sword Coast Legends


This quest is initiated by talking to Jaenna in the caravan encampment. She tells you that her dog Guen, is in danger of being put down by the caravan master, because Jessup claims that he attacked him without reason.

Once you offer to help her with the matter, you first have to go to Tollin and let him know you are investigating the matter. You can either agree to kill the dog, or investigate the matter further before making a decision.

By speaking with Jessup and passing a Strength, Charisma or Wisdom check, you can force Jessup to tell the truth - it turns out that the dog bit him because he was trying to feed it brandy. After you hvae uncovered this fact you can return to Tollin to let him know the truth, and return to Jaenna to let her know her dog is safe, for a 10 gold reward.

Alternatively, if one is unable to pass the statistic checks or you don't investigate the matter further at all, you also have the option of returning to Jaenna after speaking with Tollin and killing the dog outright. You will still gain the 50 experience this way, but you will not gain the 10 gold reward from Jaenna.


Quest stage Description
1 You spoke to Jaena, who told you that Tollin, the caravan master, wants to kill her dog for attacking one of the caravan merchants. Speak to Tollin at the caravan to change his mind before it's too late.
2 Tollin told you that unless you can find something to prove that Jaena's dog, Guen, is innocent, you will be asked to put her down. The alleged victim of the dog bite, a merchant named Jessup, may be a source for more information about the incident.
3 You learned that Jessup provoked the attack by trying to force-feed Guen brandy. If you tell Tollin at the Caravan, it could save the dog's life. 
4 You weren't able to find any evidence that would prove Guen's innocence, and so you had to put her down.
4 You were able to prove that Jessup provoked Guen into attacking him. Tollin was glad to learn the truth, and Jaena was grateful you were able to save her dog's life.

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