A Dog's Life

Aleema Meddlebrook.
The High Road
Aleema Meddlebrook
Aleema, after gathering the mushrooms.
25 XP &
75 Currency

A Fetching Fungus is a sidequest available during the prologue in Sword Coast Legends.


To begin this quest, talk to Aleema Meddlebrook. Ask her why she collects herbs and where she gets her materials to learn that she is looking for some Deathcap Mushrooms. You can then offer to go look for some; Aleema will let you know she only needs one, but that she will pay you for whatever you bring back.

As you progress through The High Road furing the prologue, you will come upon a cave called the Bone-Strewn Burrow. Inside you will find the mushrooms Aleema is looking for, growing on the cave floor, simply click them to add them to your inventory. 

Once you have collected a mushroom, you can return to Aleema Meddlebrook to turn them in, and get rewarded with 25 experience points and 75 gold pieces.

Alternatively, it is possible to find and collect the mushrooms without even talking to Aleema first, though the quest will still resolve in the same way, the only thing that changes is the description in your journal.


Quest stage Description
1 A herbalist named Aleema offered to pay you for any Deathcap mushrooms found in the area. You should keep a lookout in the nearby caves.
2 You found some strange mushrooms in the nearby caves. Maybe someone in the caravan would be interested in buying them.
2 These mushrooms match Aleema's description. She asked you to bring back as many as you can find.
3 Aleema gave you a good price on the mushrooms and offered to buy any more you might find.

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