Details Edit

Family Matters is a companion quest in Sword Coast Legends.

Overview Edit

This quest is automatically available to the player once they reach the marketplace in Luskan. Once the area has been entered from the sewers, the player can return to the Adventurer's Camp and speak with Jarhild to start it.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Advance the main quest far enough to be able to enter the Marketplace.
  2. Travel to the Adventurer's Camp and speak with Jarhild to receive the quest.
  3. Travel to the Cutlass Inn in Luskan and speak with Jarhild's mother.
  4. Travel to the Residence in the northeast side of the Marketplace and speak to the landlord.
  5. Exit the residence and speak to Old Felock.
  6. Travel to the newly unlocked Slavers' Hideout location on the Luskan world map.
  7. Find the bodies of Yari and Fanna, and exterminate the slavers.
  8. Return to Jarhild's mother and relay the bad news.

Journal Edit

Quest stage Description
1 Jarhild told you that her mother is in town and looking to speak with her on matter of some importance. Given her "special" relationship with her mother, Jarhild has asked you to accompany her to the Cutlass, in Luskan's market district, for their reunion.
2 Jarhild's mother says that her siblings have gone missing. They were last seen renting a dwelling in Luskan's market district. Jarhild's mother and aunt suggest going to the place they rented and searching for clues to their disappearance.
3 The landlord who rented the room to Jarhild's brother and sister says that he heard rumors that the two dwarves were taken by Dragonbloods, a local gang that deals in the slave trade. He said he heard that from a man named Felock in the Luskan's market district. Maybe speaking to Felock will lead to more information or the whereabouts of Jarhild's siblings.
4 Old Felock saw Jarhild's family being taken by slavers and herded into the sewers. He has marked a spot on your map of Luskan where you can enter the sewers close to the Dragonbloods' hideout, where you hope to find Jarhild's brother and sister.
5 You entered the sewers where Felock says the slavers took Yari and Fanna. Explore this location and search for any sign of their whereabouts.
6 You discovered the bodies of Yari and Fanna, who were killed helping others escape the slavers. Now it's up to you to avenge their deaths.
7 You have killed the men responsible for the death of Jarhild's siblings. Now you must return to the Cutlas in Luskan's market district and give Jarhild's mother the sad news.
8 You informed Jarhild's mother about the bad news. Jarhild listened to her aunt and decided to keep adventuring despite her mother's wishes.

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