Larethar Gulgrin

Companions Larethar
Gold Dwarf
Steven Hartley

Description Edit

A gold dwarf rogue rarely gets the honor of traveling with one such as Illydia Maethellyn, and Larethar will never take that honor for granted. A Luskan resident with a penchant for drink and debauchery, Larethar rarely goes without a snide word or a sharp insult… except when it comes to Illydia. Without her, Larethar is a cutpurse, a brawler, and an occasional second-story-man. With her, however, he gets to be a hero—a snide, wisecracking, and somewhat greedy hero, but a hero, nonetheless.

Companion quest Edit

Larethar's companion quest is [[]], which can be obtained by speaking with him in the Adventurer's Camp after making your way to Luskan's marketplace.

Trivia Edit

  • Larethar is voiced by Steven Hartley.
  • Larethar does not get access to the rogue's Arcane Trickster skill tree but instead gets the Carouser skill tree, unique to his character.
  • Larethar was born in Westgate, near the Sea of Fallen Stars.
  • Larethar's family were traders, who moved from East Rift to seek a home among humans.
  • Larethar's father made a small fortune by bribing officials for shipping contracts and smuggling. His mother never approved of her husband's business practices, and as soon as she learned of what he'd been doing, she made "contingency plans," as she refused to allow his problems to affect their family.
  • Larethar's father was murdered as a result of his criminal activities. His mother then took him and his siblings west, to Luskan, where they made a new home for themselves.

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