The Twin Crest

Wilfred Brewbanks in the camp.
The High Road
Wilfred Brewbanks
Wilfred, after you've found and talked with Richard.
Other NPCs:
Richard Brewbanks
125 XP &
125 Currency

The Twin Crest is a sidequest available during the prologue in Sword Coast Legends.


This quest is initiated by talking to Wilfred Brewbanks in the caravan encampment. He will tell you that his brother Richard has gone missing, and with him an an exquisitely carved elven statuette he was transporting to sell in Luskan. You can offer to investigate what happened.

You won't find Richard Brewbanks untill you have progressed a bit further in the main questline during the prologue, and have access to the Mercenaries cave. Once you do, you will find him on the second level.

Once you do find him, he first tries to explain that he was captured by the bandits, but that he escaped and was trying to find his way back. With a little further pressing however, he admits that he is not planning on working under his brother any longer, and has stolen the artifact to sell it on himself and use the money to set up a new life.

You can persuade him to give up the artifact if you pass a Strength or Charisma check. Alternatively, if you lack the stats for the checks, you can simply opt to kill Richard and reclaim the artifact that way. Another option is to let Richard bribe you, he will offer to give you his shield in return for letting him go with the elven statue and telling his brother you never saw him.

When returning the artifact to Wilfred, you can either tell him the truth about what happened, or if you manage to pass a Charisma check, you can lie and either tell him you found the artifact, but no trace of his brother, or you can tell him you failed to find either.


Quest Stage Description
1 A dwarf named Richard Brewbanks went missing after the caravan stopped for the night. His brother asked you to help look for him before the caravan breaks camp for Luskan. He should be carrying a valuable elven antique.
2 You took a bribe from Richard Brewbanks, accepting his shield so he could leave with his brother's elven antique.
2 Richard Brewbanks didn't want to give up the artifact so you killed him for it.
2 Richard Brewbanks wouldn't return to his brother but you were able to convince him to hand over the antique.
3 Now that you've killed Richard Brewbanks you'll need to take the elven antique from his corpse in the Bandit Caves.
3 Speak to Wilfred Brewbanks back in the caravan and tell him what you found.
4 You chose to keep the location of the antique for yourself. Wilfred wasn't pleased but there was little he could do
4 You returned the antique to Wilfred, he was relieved to recover his lost valuable.

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