Welcome to the Sword Coast Legends Wiki

Hello there, I am Xosmi and I've recently took over as admin for the Sword Coast Wiki.

At the moment the wiki is quite lackluster in content, but my main focus has been transplanting the portals system as used on the dragon age wiki and editing it for use on this one.

My hope is that as the new main page goes up and we start filling in and creating more pages, people will find this place as they are searching for information about the game, and will start contributing as well in return.

As it stands, though there is a lot of work to be done and a lot of pages to be written, the new front page is about 90% done. templates ahve been created, images uploaded and everything functions as it should. All is left is to populate the new frontpage menu with it's contents, and creating articles for those links to point to.

As i continue to work on this, some things may come up, such as links to pages that have not yet been populated - though hopefully this will follow soon enough.

Current plans in order of importance:

  • Create relevant templates/infoboxes where needed
  1. Spoiler template complete!
  2. NPC infobox complete!
  3. Quest infobox complete!
  4. Importing the portals 2.0 system and all the templates that come with it - 90% done
  • Populate pages for Quests, NPC's, et cetera.
  • Edit/Update wiki-wide CSS - progress ongoing. Facilitates a proper working portals system, but CSS still needs to be tidied up.

Sclbig 256x256Xosmi · Talk ·
15:17, March 11, 2016 (UTC)

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