Wagon Down

William in the caravan camp.
The High Road
William Ray
William, after returning with Sarah's bridle.
125 XP, food & Potion of health regeneration.

Wagon Down is a sidequest available during the prologue in Sword Coast Legends.


This quest is initiated by talking to William Ray in the caravan encampment. He is very upset, telling you that his "Dear Sarah" has gone missing and is probably running around somewhere in the forest. He requests you to find her and bring her back.

You will find Sarah in a side area of The High Forest, a cave named the Bone-Strewn Crest. It turns out that Sarah is the name of William's horse. As you go to inspect the horse that has been killed and wrapped in webbing, you will be attacked by a giant spider that drops down from the ceiling.

After dealing with the enemies, you can retrieve the bridle from the horses' corpse and return it to William for a reward in the form of some food and health regeneration potions. You will also gain 125 experience for completing the quest.


Quest Stage Description
1 You agreed to help William, one of the merchants in the caravan. He is looking for someone named Sarah, who may have gotten lost in the woods.
2 You came across the body of what looks like one of the caravan horses, trapped within a spider web. You should inspect it to see if it's part of your caravan.
3 The horse's killer, a gigantic spider, caught you disturbing its prey and dropped down to attack.
4 The horse's bridle matches the ones from the caravan. You'll have to ask around to see if someone is missing a horse named Sarah.
4 Apparently "Sarah" was the name of the horse. Unfortunately, you'll have to tell William the bad news.
5 You returned the horse's bridle to the distraught owner, who rewarded you with some extra supplies he'd no longer be able to carry.

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