Wayward Trader

Martumal in the Mercenaries Cave.
The High Road
Tollin or Martumal, depending on how you resolve the quest.
100 XP & Quarterstaff

Wayward trader is a sidequest available during the prologue in Sword Coast Legends.


This quest is started by talking to Tollin after helping all the merchants and fending off the initial mercenary attack during the prologue. Tollin wil tell you that one of the merchants has gone missing, and is presumably been captured or killed by the mercenaries.

As you continue on during the main questline, you can find a letter in the Mercenaries Cave that has details on how Martumal sold the details on the caravan route to the mercenaries in exchange for coin.

In the same cave, you will come across a prisoner being beaten by gobline. After killing the goblins, the prisoner wil introduce himself as Martumal. If you have found the letter, you can tell him that you know of his betrayal. after which he will offer you to trade a magical staff in exchange for the note and your silence. Another possibility is to simply kill him.

If you did not find the letter or decide not to expose him, he will simply return to camp and give you some items as a reward for saving him. Once you return to the camp, you can tell Tollin that is was Martumal that betrayed the caravan, or decide not to.


Quest Stage


1 According to Tollin, a caravan driver named Martumal went missing during the mercenary attack.
2 During your pursuit of the mercenaries, you found a note implicating someone named Martumal in the caravan attack. He might be somewhere within these caves
3 On the second floor of the goblin caves, you found a prisoner being beaten by goblins.
4 You defeated the goblins and saved the prisoner.  You should check to see if he's alright.
5 The victim introduced himself as Martumal and claimed to be one of the merchants from your caravan. Martumal thanked you for rescuing him.
6 He introduced himself as Martumal and claimed to be one of the merchants from your caravan. You told Martumal that you had evidence of his dealings with the mercenaries, and he admitted to his wrongdoing. Martumal betrayed the caravan for money, but was double-crossed by the mercenaries and handed over to the goblins. You had to decide what to do with him.
7 You sent Martumal back to the caravan after he promised to give you something in return.
7 You sent Martumal back to the caravan. He asked you to come see him later at the caravan so that he could properly thank you.
8 When you returned to the caravan, Martumal gave you some supplies as a token of his thanks.
7 Martumal offered you a finely crafted staff to keep quiet about his betrayal. You rejected his offer.
7 Martumal offered you a finely crafted staff to keep quiet about his betrayal. You accepted his offer.
7 Although he claimed to be regretful, you did not trust the traitor and decided he needed to die.
8 With Martumal delt with, all that's left is to report Martumal's betrayal to the caravan leader, Tollin, back at the caravan.
9 You told Tollin that it was Martumal who sold out the caravan. Tollin was not surprised, but thanked you nonetheless. He said he'll take care of the traitor once they return to Luskan.
9 You left for Luskan without reporting Martumal's betrayal. By the time you arrived at the city, Martumal had slipped away into the night.
5 You were unable to locate the missing merchant Martumal.

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